Health Home Plus Care Manager

STATUS: Full Time (35 hours per week)
REPORTS TO: Director or Supervisor of Care Management Services

Position Overview:

The Health Home Plus Care Manager is responsible for supporting the CORE Management team in all aspects of program facilitation in addition to demonstrating knowledge of the mission and services of FACS.


  • Bachelor’s Social Work (or related field) required
  • Specialized training and experience with SPMI or mentally disabled population
  • Experience with linkage and coordination of community and emergency services
  • Experience in substance abuse treatment valued
  • Valid NYS Driver License and use of personal vehicle during work hours
  • Ability to use Microsoft applications (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.), Internet/Intranet, web based databases. Understanding of the use of email in the workplace

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide direct Care Management Services to Health Home + and AOT court ordered consumers. Assess and facilitate appropriate level of service based on program requirements and consumer status.       Ensure mandated services are provided in line with all directives (which may specify number of core services provided including face to face meetings)
  • Maintains consistent and on-going contact with consumers and families while fulfilling unit of service expectations and working on their treatment plan goals
  • Conduct initial intake interview and needs assessment to determine treatment goals for Care Management Services
  • Timely completion of all required documentation including initial Plan of Care and regular updates on services provided. Must conform to DOH policies and procedures regarding documentation
  • Prepares professionally accurate and updated case documentation in accordance with regulatory, Agency, Department of Health (DOH) and Health Home requirements
  • Prepare statistical, administrative and required reports on a timely basis
  • Provides regular, supportive client contact; emotional support; daily living counseling; legal advocacy; financial counseling; representation regarding rights and entitlements; education, medical check-ups and prevention practices
  • Facilitates linkage to appropriate services; coordination of hospitalization admission and discharge; mental health education to clients, families, and community partners
  • Provide mental health education to clients, families, and community organizations
  • Establish working relationships with referral sources and other related service agencies including attending but not limited to, discharge meeting from the Niagara and/or Erie County Jail, local hospitals, attend Niagara County Adult at Risk meetings, any meeting (s) related to an AOT client’s services
  • Reviews current practices to advocate for change when needed, particularly those needed by families and minority populations
  • Teams with billing staff to ensure client active Medicaid status and accurate, complete client billing
  • Meets with Program Supervision on a regular, planned basis

Physical/Environmental Demands:

  • Job performed primarily in community (home, public place, etc.)
  • Office work in lighted modern office facility
  • Daily local travel
  • Occasional lifting (15 pounds or less)
  • Occasional standing/sitting
  • Moderate stress
  • Regular PC/computer work

Agency Expectations:

  • Complies with all policies and procedures of FACS (including NASW Code of Ethics, Collective Bargaining Agreement, and Corporate Compliance Policies) and all governmental and legal requirements
  • Attends and participates in appropriate agency staff trainings and meetings and program supervision
  • Advocates for cultural diversity/sensitivity as appropriate
  • Reports all suspected incidences of child abuse/neglect to NYS Hotline with supervisory approval
  • Experience and knowledge on the use of computers, cell phones and a broad understanding of using the Internet and e-mail in the workplace
  • Effectively communicate with consumers, community partners and agency staff including accurate documentation
  • Clearance of the NYS Justice Center Requirements: Staff Exclusion List (SEL), NYS Central Registry for Child Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR) and Criminal Background Check

Please send cover letter and resume to:

Attn D. Carella – HR Director
1522 Main Street
Niagara Falls,  NY  14305

or email to: