Because NO ONE deserves to be abused.

Domestic Violence Services

Does your partner:

Push or hit you, or restrain you from leaving?…Physical Abuse

Call you names and put you down?…Verbal Abuse

Demand control over your money?…Financial Abuse

Make you feel like you are crazy?…Mental Abuse

Keep you isolated from family and friends?…Emotional Abuse

Pressure you into sex or unwanted sexual behaviors?…Sexual Abuse

There are many different forms of abuse. If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may experiencing domestic violence.

Pinnacle Community Services has been providing a broad range of domestic violence services for over thirty years. We provide services to individuals experiencing abuse and their children, as well as educational groups for partners who are abusive.  Our goal is to work with the whole family to STOP domestic violence. Whether you are in need of emergency shelter or counseling, we are ready to answer your call. The frequency and severity of the violence may vary dramatically, but the one constant component of domestic violence is one partner’s consistent efforts to maintain power and control over the other.

24/7 Confidential DV Hotline 716-299-0909

Passage House ShelterPassageBrochureLogo

Passage House Shelter, a fifteen-bed domestic violence shelter, located in Niagara County, provides free emergency shelter in a confidential location to individuals experiencing domestic violence and their children. The shelter is staffed 24/7 and someone is available to respond to individual’s needs and their children any time of day or night. Individuals do not need to reside in Niagara County to receive this service.

Passage Domestic Violence Services provides crisis intervention and counseling services to survivors of domestic violence and their children in a safe, secure, comfortable, home-like setting, so that the healing process can begin. If you are living in an abusive relationship call 716-299-0909 for help today. Because NO ONE deserves to be abused!

Stay where you are wanted and safe – Passage House
24/7 Confidential DV Hotline 716-299-0909

Domestic Violence Counseling & Support Groups


Individual Domestic Violence Counseling

We understand that sometimes individuals feel that they cannot leave an abusive situation, but that they do need support and education about domestic violence, personal safety, and healthy relationships. The program provides Domestic Violence Counseling Services to empower survivors of abuse to feel more in control of their lives and their choices; and most importantly, to make choices that will keep them and their children safe. Through one-on-one counseling they will set goals; work toward a greater understanding of domestic violence including personal safety, self-esteem, boundaries and healthy relationships; and will begin to take the steps they choose in order to remain safe whether they remain in the relationship or decide to leave an abusive relationship.

Domestic Violence Counseling Services are provided free to individuals in Niagara County who have experienced abuse.  Individuals experiencing domestic violence can receive counseling services by appointment in their homes, at our main office, or in another location where they feel safe. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment with the Domestic Violence Counselor call 716-299-0909. 

Support Groups

In addition to individual domestic violence counseling, support groups are offered for individuals who have experienced abusive relationships. It is extremely important that they realize that they are not alone in their struggles. The Support Groups provide a safe place to learn from each other and to share and support each other in ways that help them grow and heal from an abusive relationship.

We also offer Children’s Support Groups for children who have witnessed domestic violence AND whose parent is supportive and engaged in counseling as well. Children’s groups are held at the same time as the adult groups for the convenience of the families.

For more information about how you can participate in a Domestic Violence Support Group call Passage Domestic Violence Services at 716-299-0909

Community Advocacy Project (CAP)

The Community Advocacy Project has a twofold purpose:

  • To ensure that individuals experiencing abuse and their families gain access to the community resources necessary for them to seek safety and build a future free from abuse.
  • To educate the community at large about the dynamics of domestic violence and to encourage other community agencies to provide services to survivors and their children.

The CAP Advocate will meet with the survivor and assess their individual needs and the needs of their family. This service is survivor-driven with the CAP Advocates serving as navigators for the individual and their family in the community. The CAP Team includes the CAP Coordinator, shelter advocate, and trained student advocates from local universities.

The Community Advocacy Project provides an intensive and intentional working relationship, partnering advocates and survivors for up to ten weeks. During this time, the CAP Advocates will not only refer and assist the survivor in obtaining needed resources but also teach positive skills and model behaviors which will assist them in continuing safe and healthy living beyond the intervention.

If you have been abused by your partner and would like to learn more about the Community Advocacy Project or you would like to participate in the project, call the CAP Coordinator at 716-285-6984.

Women as Offenders Group

A 16-week Educational Group is available for women who are abusive in their intimate relationships.  Women are referred by the courts, Niagara County DSS, community agencies or may join the group as self-referrals. The group focuses on taking personal accountability for behavior, learning ways to have healthy relationships, as well as learning techniques to handle stress, anger, and other emotions.

The underlying philosophy of the group is that violent behavior is learned and that individuals choose to use violence.  Therefore they can learn new and alternative ways to live and to behave in order to build healthy relationships in the future.

Call 716-299-0909 for more information about the Women as Offenders group.

Niagara County Jail Domestic Violence Groups

Pathways (Personal Accountability Toward Healthy Ways) is an education program, provided in a group setting, for men and women in the Niagara County Jail who are physically and/or psychologically abusive in their intimate relationships. Through an emphasis on personal responsibility, participants examine their use of abusive behaviors and the beliefs which underlie them. Men and women in the groups are given the opportunity to learn and to practice new interpersonal skills for developing more equitable and respectful relationships.

The curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Communication Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Partnership
  • Trust and Support
  • Alternative to Violence
  • Respect
  • Parenting Issues

Some Helpful Web Links

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